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england’s unlikely lads in russia

hydro flask sale 26 points submitted 1 day agoThis is such a dumb thread. Even if all 30 teams can afford them, at some point there would be some teams that are willing to pay even more than the rest, and those teams at the bottom would fall out. Even if the stingiest teams wanted to go 350M on Harper, that would only mean that the top teams would have to pay 500M to get him. hydro flask sale

hydro flask colors This leaves the shareholder wondering if they should be choosing Class A stocks or invest in Class B stocks. This largely depends on the company. Class A stocks generally carry additional voting rights over Class B stocks. But they quickly became popular and soon they were all over London too. You paid a penny to get in, and this included access to newspapers and stimulating conversation!If something is stimulating it encourages ideas and enthusiasm. Is it a) 2.3 millionb) 23 million orc) 23 billion?Oh I don’t know but it’s got to be a lot so I’m going to go for c) 23 billion? That sounds like a lot of coffee, but I buy several cups a week and I expect you do too,?I do indeed. hydro flask colors

hydro flask bottle RULE 5: No screenshots of texts or social media. Edits are alright though. The person in this meme, Mirei Kudou is from Inou Battle, an anime made by Trigger in 2014, 4 years before DiTF, another title by Trigger. Mac users are special. They love their computers, so it makes sense to shop for Mac related items when it t[……]

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